Sun City Harrier Invitational Results

Sunny, wet grass, 56 degrees in the morning

K-2: 1 Mile

Boys Girls Team Scores
Place Name Time Team Grade Place Name Time Team Grade Boys
1 Zachar Wagner 7:34 SCH 2 1 Bevani Yrigoyen 8:13 SCH 2 Sun City Harriers    Score: 25 1, 3, 6, 7, 8
2 Keaton Pitzer 7:59 WV N/A 2 Joy Lally 8:31 SCH 1 Wenas Valley    Score: 34 2, 4, 5, 11, 12
3 Isaac Gutierrez 7:59 SCH 2 3 Eliza Cardon 8:32 WV N/A
4 Sam Rettig 8:10 WV N/A 4 Kate Mickelson 8:37 SCH 1 Girls
5 Dominia Ayala 8:14 WV N/A 5 Hazel Douglas 8:48 WV N/A Sun City Harriers      Score: 23 1, 2, 4, 7, 8
6 Paul Lally 8:16 SCH 2 6 Abigail Cardon 8:50 N/A N/A Wenas Valley      Score: 37: 3, 5, 6, 11, 12
7 Lorenzo Alvarado 8:25 SCH 1 7 June Sawyer 8:58 SCH 1
8 Mack Stephenson 8:44 SCH 1 8 Danika Gaethle 9:02 SCH 1
9 Liam Roberts 9:03 SCH 1 9 Freya White 9:33 SCH N/A
10 Lane Dauer 9:16 SCH 1 10 Kiara Roberts 9:35 SCH N/A
11 Joshua Strand 9:16 WV N/A 11 Gabby Landvoy 10:11 WV N/A
12 Milo Douglas 9:32 WV N/A 12 Karis O’Brine 10:16 N/A
13 Luis Slowe 9:34 SCH 1 13 Kennedy Day 10:34 SCH 1
14 Amos Douglas 9:38 WV N/A 14 Brenna Gamache 10:52 WV N/A
15 Brent Johnson 9:58 SCH 1 15 Clare Richards 11:04 WV N/A
16 Jackson Powell 10:11 SCH 1 16 Ava Christianson 11:44 SCH 2
17 Alonzo Yrigoyen 10:21 SCH 1 17 Kenzie Pitzer 12:33 WV N/A
18 Riley Smith 10:52 SCH 1 18 Lydia Woodall 12:52 SCH 2
19 Casey Smith-Apperson 11:04 SCH K 19 Katya Reiss-Kupp 12:58 SCH 1
20 Sheppard Lally 11:40 SCH PK 20 Anya O’Brine 15:40 WV N/A
21 Drew de Wet 11:48 SCH K
22 Jaxon Beck 12:41 SCH 1
23 Jackson Snow 12:50 SCH 1
24 Sean de Wet 13:36 SCH PK
25 Johah Travers Powers 13:37 WV N/A
26 Cole Taylor 14:58 WV N/A

3rd-6th Grade

Boys Girls Team Scores
Place Name Time Team Grade Place Name Time Team Grade Boys
1 Brayden Packard 5:54 SCH 6 1 Anna Landvoy 7:18 WV N/A Sun City Harriers 19 1, 3, 4, 5, 6
2 Cooper Quigley 6:22 WV N/A 2 Kieryann Mattson 7:24 WV N/A Wenas Valley 43 2, 8, 10, 11, 12
3 Ben Connell 6:22 SCH 6 3 Caitlin Strand 7:26 WV N/A
4 Henry Robbins 6:31 SCH 4 4 Kara Mickelson 7:50 SCH 5 Girls
5 Nathan Stephenson 6:53 SCH 3 5 Chloe Covell 7:51 WV N/A Wenas Valley 19 1, 2, 3, 5, 8
6 Ty Dauer 7:16 SCH 6 6 Brooke Bauer 7:53 WV N/A Sun City Harriers 36 4, 6, 7, 9, 10
7 Tyrell Waddle 7:21 SCH 5 7 Emma Christianson 8:12 SCH N/A
8 Trevor Wilson 7:30 WV N/A 8 Adelyn Cardon 8:16 WV N/A
9 Nathan Johnson 7:36 SCH N/A 9 Katie Barnes 8:21 SCH 4
10 Sam Rees 7:41 WV N/A 10 Bwendolyn Dawes 8:32 SCH 3
11 Jaden Gaudet 7:41 WV N/A 11 Anna Seal 8:43 SCH 5
12 Orin Douglas 7:45 WV N/A 12 Lauren Thomas 9:00 WV N/A
13 Benicio Yrigoyen 7:49 SCH 5 13 Ava Alvarado 9:05 SCH 4
14 Caleb Stephenson 8:09 SCH 5 14 Leah Knudson 9:07 SCH 5
15 Bryce Harrison 8:11 SCH 3 15 Cindy Nulsen 9:07 WV N/A
16 Ben Wagner 8:14 SCH 6 16 Lucy Sawyer 9:14 SCH N/A
17 Jon Barnes 8:21 SCH 6 17 Khalia Yrigoyen 9:26 SCH N/A
18 Colin Thomas 8:24 WV N/A 18 Mary Mickelson 9:56 SCH 4
19 Keegan Hull 8:28 WV N/A 19 Emma Welch 10:02 SCH 6
20 Tyler Welch 8:29 SCH 4 20 Eloise Anderson 10:05 SCH 5
21 Jacob Rettig 8:32 WV N/A 21 Cadence Day 10:12 SCH 3
22 Spencer Johnson 8:37 SCH 3 22 Liztte Vazquez 10:32 SCH 4
23 Jarden Smith 8:51 SCH 3 23 Emma Slowe 10:37 SCH 4
24 Michael Strand 9:08 WV N/A 24 Brenna Baker 12:25 SCH 5
25 Christian Taylor 9:12 WV N/A 25 Julia Snow 13:40 SCH 4
26 Tristan Temple 10:35 WV N/A 26 Emma Woodall 14:00 SCH 4
27 Sean Mefford 10:48 SCH N/A
28 Simon Anderson 13:39 SCH 3


7th – 8th Grade

Boys Girls
Place Name Time Team Mile Split Place Name Time Team Mile Split
1 Shea Mattson 10:05 WV 6:48 1 Bailey Christianson 13:50 SCH 9:10
2 Riley Christianson 11:12 SCH 7:27
3 Drew Waddle 11:25 SCH 7:40
4 Isaac Barnes 11:56 SCH 7:56
5 Matt Hernandez 12:02 WV 8:10
6 Joshua Becker 12:23 WV 8:17

It’s Race Day Tomorrow!

Kara Goucher, leading US women's marathoner sets her gear out before she runs every race.

Kara Goucher, leading US women’s marathoner sets her gear out before she runs every race.

Tomorrow is race day. Race day in the Mickelson household was an amazing time for me growing up. I started running track at age eight and cross-country at the age of ten so it is in my blood. I also had amazing parents who understood being an athlete. My dad ran track and field for the University of Washington and knew what it took to get an athlete ready in the morning so he engraved this into me with my mom always making me a good breakfast in the mornings.

The first thing on race day is to ALWAYS know your schedule. It is also imperative to know it the night before. So for tomorrow this means we all know pictures are at 8am tomorrow morning. Former Yakima Herald photographer Andy is doing our pictures and giving them to us AT-COST! This means he is volunteering his time and will post the pictures for free-download. Also, warm-up will be at 8:30 for Kindergarden-2nd grade and a half-hour later for 3rd-6th grade and 9:30am for 7th and 8th grade.

Second, make sure you have your young harriers uniforms set out (gold shirts) as well as shorts, sweats, running shoes and a sweatshirt so you are ready to roll come wake-up time.

Third, plan your breakfast ahead of time. Mom, dad or harrier what are you going to eat? Please do not eat donuts, or any fatty food for breakfast. Fats take several hours to digest and will be rolling around the harrier’s stomach come race time. Aleah and my favorite pre-race food is toasted peanut butter toast (two pieces) about two hours pre-race or workout. Perhaps also have a banana since these have a great nutrition source as well. We would strongly recommend eating nothing at least an hour before the race. If your harrier does need something this soon to the race make it super-simple, fast digestible carbohydrates (Gatorade or equivalent, banana, Gu packets (without caffeine), white bread with jelly, etc.

As always, have fun on race morning. Your child may “freak-out.” No worries, this is a really safe environment to learn and grow. Some harriers want to win or place tomorrow. For others we want them to just run the entire way. Others hitting the start AND finish line will be the victory.

If you have any questions feel free to call or text Aleah (833-5952) or myself (833-5951).

Harriers, harriers, harriers!

See you tomorrow,

Coach Erik

Is my child in the right group at practice?

Wow, we have an amazing group of harriers.  We are in week three of practice, and compared to last year, the kids are doing a better job at drills, the enthusiasm is greater, and everyone seems to be having fun.

Here is one of our younger harriers who is doing great in her current group of peers.

I had several parents and kids ask me today at practice if they can move up to a new group. The quick answer to this question is “yes.” If you are looking for a more challenging workout, just ask your coach and we can shift you up a group for a practice or two and see how you fare. Likewise, if you think your child would benefit by moving down a group, talk to us about this too and we can see if this is better for them too.

Every child is different. In our family’s case, we have to push our kids because they would be content jogging a half-mile and calling it a day.  As parents, we walk a fine line between encouraging our children to try their best and pushing too hard, when running turns into punishment.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether your child is in the right group at practice:

  1. Are they having fun? This is the most important thing we can stress in youth athletics. If they are not having fun, we’ve missed the mark. Of course, there are times when a child gets a side ache or just has a bad day, but there should always be some sort of enjoyment.
  2. Are they able to finish the workout?
  3. Are they competitive to a degree?  This will look different depending on your child. For example, I was born with a competitive streak but several of my children couldn’t care less for competition. Still, we want to place kids in a workout group where they can work together as a group to accomplish a goal – finishing an interval in a certain time, for example. A bit of competition can motivate us to perform better than our best solo effort. I feel it is important for my children to be exposed to competition, as this will help them perform under pressure later in life: In high school, college, and the job market.

See you Thursday!

Coaches Erik and Aleah

Time Trial Results 2014 – Franklin Park

The harriers competed well last Saturday.  I’m sorry it took awhile to compile the results.  A few kids accidentally ran a shorter distance, cutting off the last portion of the course.  There were a couple blank cards, too.  These times and places are a close approximation. If you happen to know you finished before or behind someone on the list, or have your accurate time, we can add edit the data accordingly. Also remember that a group of older runners ran 1.5 miles and they started five seconds late. Saturday September 20th at 11:15am 80 degrees, no wind and warm

1.0 Nathan Stephenson 7:10
2.0 Ty Dauer 7:21
3.0 Aiden Waddle 7:35
4.0 Nathan Johnson 7:44
5.0 Zachary Wagner 7:55
6.0 Ben Wagner 8:02
7.0 No name 8:02
8.0 Bryce 8:12
9.0 Lucy Sawyer 8:36
10.0 Gwen 8:44
11.0 Paul Lally 8:47
12.0 Mary Mickelson 8:50
13.0 Lorenzo Alvarado 8:51
14.0 Kate Mickelson 8:56
15.0 Liam 9:00
16.0 Joy Lally 9:02
17.0 Haiden Drury 9:04
18.0 Mack Stephenson 9:05
19.0 Brent Johnson 9:07
20.0 Jacob LaMay 9:10
21.0 Dannika Goethel 9:23
22.0 Kiara 9:40
23.0 Freya White 10:22
24.0 June 10:28
25.0 Sean Mefford 10:33
26.0 Jackson Powell 10:38
27.0 Henry Robbins 10:45
28.0 Lane Dauer 11:09
29.0 Julia Johnson 11:23
30.0 Ava Alvarado 11:33
31.0 Lizette 11:51
32.0 Laurel Heesemann 11:58
33.0 Brena Baker 12:04
34.0 Claire Branch 12:06
35.0 Tyrell Waddle 12:08
36.0 Riley Christenson 12:42
37.0 Cadence Day 12:54
38.0 Kara Mickelson 13:06
39.0 Emma Welch 13:16
40.0 Anna Wilkinson 13:27
41.0 Leah Knudson 13:29
42.0 Jaxon Beck 13:48
43.0 Brandon Shaw 13:56
44.0 Mitchell Moos 15:09
45.0 Amy Poehner 15:20
46.0 James Branch 15:22
47.0 Shephard Lally 15:33
48.0 Kennedy Day 15:40
49.0 Bailey Christenson 15:56
50.0 Austin Watten 16:20
51.0 Kennedy Day 17:52
52.0 Angelina Woodall 18:38
53.0 Lydia Woodall 18:39

Updated Race Schedule

There has been a few minor changes but this is the current race schedule as of today for the rest of the season:





DATE                            MEET                 LOCATION                  TIME


Saturday, September 20                   Team Time Trial                  Franklin Park                                        11 am

Yakima, WA

1 mile 1st – 6th Grade

1.5 miles 7th Grade and above

Saturday, September 27                   Sun City Harrier Invite       Franklin Park                                        9 am

Yakima, WA

1 mile 1st – 6th Grade

1.5 miles 7th – 8th Grade

Saturday, October 4                          Sunfair Invitational             Franklin Park                                        8:45 am

Yakima, WA

1 mile 1st – 6th Grade

1.5 miles 7th-8th Grade

2.0 miles 9th Grade

3.0 miles 10th -12th Grade

Saturday, October 11                        Richland Invitational          Carmichael Middle School                10:10 am

Richland, WA

0.5 miles K – 5th Grade


Saturday, October 25                       Apple Ridge Invite              Apple Ridge XC Course                     TBD

Cowiche, WA

1.0 miles


Saturday, November 15                    Inland NW                            Mead High School                              TBD

Regional Qualifier               Spokane, WA


Saturday, November 22                    Regional XC Champs         Woodland Park                                    TBD

Region XIII                           Seattle, WA


Saturday, December 13                    2014 XC Nationals              Myrtle Beach                                       TBD


Just got off the phone with Yakima Sports Supply. They are finishing up our t-shirt order right now and I’ll be picking them up tomorrow morning. We’ll be handing them out at tomorrow’s practice. We ordered several extras so if you haven’t yet signed up, if you turn in your registration tomorrow we can get you a shirt (registration is $30)!

Time Trial Information

Dear Sun City Harriers,

We had a great first week of cross-country practice! I love everyone’s positive attitude and hard work!

Team shirts will arrive this week – probably Thursday. We’ll distribute the shirts after practice, so make sure you’ve turned in your registration form and team fee.

Our team time trial is scheduled for this Saturday (September 20th) at 11 am at Franklin Park. Sixth grade and under will run a 1-mile course; Seventh grade and above will run 1.5 miles. The time trial will serve several purposes. Think of it as a “practice race.” We will follow our typical pre-race routine with a warm-up, stretching, drills and strides. After the warm-up, the team will run a timed mile or 1.5 mile course.

I want to encourage everyone to participate in the time trial for several reasons: 1) It will help decrease pre-race “jitters” for upcoming races; 2) It will give you a good indication of your current fitness level; 3) It will help us set appropriate goals for upcoming races; and 4) You’ll get to preview the course for both our upcoming Sun City Harriers Youth XC Invite (September 27th) and the Sunfair Invite (October 4th).

For the time trial, meet at our regular spot near the playground at Franklin Park. Wear your team t-shirt and bring a water bottle. Eat a small snack about 1-2 hours before the time trial.

It is time to start thinking about our upcoming Sun City Harriers Youth XC Invite and Sunfair Invite. We’ll need lots of parent help with this meet, especially at the finish line and along the course to ensure runners are staying on course. I’ll have a sign-up sheet at practice where you can sign up to help. Our youth invite is open to all ages of runners, including preschool-aged children.   As for the Sunfair Invite, I’ll need to know by this Thursday whether you plan to participate. Sunfair is available to our elementary, middle school, and high school runners. (Sorry, no Pre-K at Sunfair.) I will assume you plan to participate in Sunfair unless I hear otherwise.

As always, please feel free to give us a call at (509) 833-5951 (Erik) or (509) 833-5952 (Aleah) if you have any questions. You can also email me at aleahmickelson(at) or talk to us before or after practice.

Go Harriers!

Aleah Mickelson

What is that pain in my side?

Running with a side-ache is never fun.

Running with a side-ache is never fun.

Tonight I had my first three kids tell me there was something wrong with their sides tonight at practice. For those of you who have never had one I’d like to tell you of an experience your child is going to come down with sometime this cross-country season.  When we run there is a muscle underneath our lungs called the diaphram.  It is this muscle that forces our lungs to breath.

For young runners who have never experienced a side-ache it is equivalent to  someone lightly sticking a toothpick in your muscle under your lung.  It is painful and one might think he/she may die if you were to talk to someone in the middle of having one of these occurrences mid-race or workout.

From a pure scientific standpoint there are a few things you can do to help prevent side-aches:

1. Keep running but slow your pace down. Over time, your diaphragm will get in better and better shape and it will stop happening over time.

2. Breath deeply. By breathing deeper it brings more oxygen to your muscles and will allow the side-ache to disappear quicker. My coach told me to walk with my hands over my head. Whether or not this actually helps, I think it does so you will hear me tell our runners this when they have this occurrence after a workout or race.

3. Run a smarter race or workout. The best way for one to give him/herself a side-ache is to run a workout with a very uneven pace, sprinting from the gun immediately putting one’s body into oxygen depth. It is best to pick up one’s pace as you carry on a race or workout.

So if your child comes down with the dreaded “side-ache” this coming fall. Don’t worry, it is totally normal.  Tell them to breath deeply and continue to try. They will get through it!

Keep on running,

Coach Erik

First Practice of the Season

First, I want to congratulate all the harriers on the first workout of the season. Second, a huge “thank you” to all the parent volunteers! The team had a great time.

Remember to hydrate before and after each workout.

A few thoughts on tonight’s practice:

  1. The team looked great doing drills. Drills are the backbone of running. Think of drills like aligning the tires on your car.  Once you learn to run right, running is easier AND you naturally run faster. Better yet, you’ll have fewer injuries.
  2. The first practice is always an adventure. What group do you go to? Where do we run? Who is our coach? How long do we run? By the second or third practice everyone will have a better idea of our practice routine. Hang in there!
  3. It’s all about having fun.  Sorry we lost a little track of time and everyone did not get to play in all the games.  We also forgot the team cheer. Next time!  We saw a lot of smiles and everyone did a great job running.

There is a reason we call it practice because it is a work in progress.

See you Thursday!

Coaches Erik and Aleah

Sun City Harriers doing drills the first day of practice

Sun City Harriers doing drills the first day of practice

What to expect for cross-country practice

For those newcomers who have never been to a Sun City Harriers cross-country practice I have some good news: there will not be a hilly ten-mile run the first day of practice.  In fact, for you newcomers you will run probably one to two miles. I think my eight-year-old last year only made it a half-mile on her first day of practice last year.

Our practice always starts promptly at 4pm with a quarter-mile warmup. If you happen to come one-minute late feel free to cut a corner and catch up with the rest of the team as we are warming up on the field closest to the Yakima Valley Museum.

After our warm-up we then move into stretching and drills. Before doing any hard and fast movements it is always best to have your body ready for them.  The drill portion of our workouts usually lasts about ten minutes.  These are fun ways of team bonding.  Running drills are imperative to cross-country runners.  For runners that don’t have great form, it is equivalent to driving a car with bad gas that is also out of alignment. It will get from Yakima to Seattle but you will get 12 miles/gallon instead of 20. For the harrier (cross-country lingo for a runner), this means you can add 2-10 seconds a mile by just being more efficient.

After our team drills we then go into our workout groups.  It is our goal this season to move up from three different groups to six or eight.  For example, our young kids (usually six and under) will do something in the realm of 200 meter repeats with lots of rest. We say our age range is 6 to 18 years old.  If you have a younger child (5 and under) feel free to bring them out to run with us but plan on doing the workout with them (walking and jogging) to make sure they don’t get lost in the commotion.

For our seven to ten year olds, our workout of repeats will range in the 2-3 mile range. Our eleven and older groups will be in the 3-4 mile range.  We spend about 30-35 minutes running.

Some of the different kinds of workouts we will do throughout the season are:

1. Repeats (usually intervals of 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters or 1 mile repeats) with 1-5 minute rest in-between.  These workouts are great at increasing the anaerobic threshold of a runner in a race.

2. Fartlek. No, I didn’t just swear. Fartlek is an European term for “speed play” in running.  You could also call it surging.  What we do with a fartlek workout is run fast for 60 seconds and then slow for 30 seconds. We will use different kinds of intervals and do this for time periods of 5-10 minutes.

3. Hill Repeats. If you are short, props to you. For the most part it is significantly harder for taller runners than short runners to run hills. I am 6’2″ and have always struggled running hills but have gone from being horrible to decent over my 30+ years of running. By doing hill repeats it helps the harrier develop good form, even cadence in a race, anaerobic, and aerobic ability.  With all there is to gain from hill repeats, several team incorporate this activity into practices at least once a week.  Consider hill repeats the broccoli of running!

4. Racing. Running a race is great for runners because it lets them know how much they have in the motor and tank.  We usually do not race in practices and leave this for the Saturdays but is a very important part of training. Taking one’s body to the end of its ability.

The last ten minutes of each practice we play a game that most of the younger kids really enjoy: steal the bacon, sharks and minnows, etc.

Last but not least, we finish with popsicles.  It helps to get the harriers to the finish line and helps replenish a few of the calories we will burn during the hour!