Youth Track Season – Getting ready for the inaugural season in Yakima

SunCityHarriersLogo.jpgI wanted to post about the upcoming track season since we have been getting a few phone calls and inquiries. Here is what we have going on:

1. We are in the process of getting our team USATF certified.  This is important because it allows us to run in meets but from a logistical standpoint we then fall under USATF’s insurance which allows us to practice at track facilities.

2. Once this is in place we should be able to finalize when and where we are going to practice (we are hoping for West Valley and Eisenhower high school) but this is contingent on the tracks and days being available. We do have both a plan “B” and “C” if our first plan doesn’t pan out.

3. Our tentative start-date will be the end of April and we plan on running (pun intended) the season for about eight weeks.  It will be a later practice as we would have to run after the high school practices are done.

Please don’t hold us to any of this as this is the first time we have attempted to run a track team so there will be some moving pieces.  We do have two seasons of cross-country under our belt.

We have submitted our team paperwork and it is our goal to have the dates for planning purposes by March.

Last, in terms of events and training that will be offered, we will be having both sprinting events as well as long distance training.  Other field events, jumps and hurdles will be entirely dependent on getting qualified coaches in these events as well  as having a facilities that have the implements to do this.  If you are certified in any of these events and would be willing to coach, please reach out to me on Facebook or call me at 941-5191.

Coach Erik