2016 Cross-Country Information for Sun City

I just finished our cross-country brochure so I will start to release information about the upcoming season in the next few weeks. Pull your calendars out though and tell your friends, the first day of fall cross-country season for the Sun City Harriers is Monday September 12th from 5:15-6:30!

Logistically we made a few changes:

1. We moved practices from Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to Monday and Wednesday. There will also be a Friday practice for those who want to run in the post-season. Wednesdays will be at Kissel Park and Friday’s will be at Franklin again.

2. We moved practice back to 5:15-6:30 nightly to make it easier for parents to run with their kids.

3. We added an additional 15 minutes of practice for older kids. Practice will still be the normal 60 minutes (5:30-6:30) but kids who are gearing up toward the Junior Olympic post-season or those over the age of eight should show up at 5:15pm for the longer warmup.

As soon as we get the brochure from VistaPrint, we’ll be mailing it out to everyone on our mailing list.

Coach Erik

As always, post your questions to the FB feed, message me directly or call 941-5191.



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