T-Minus 30-Hours Until the First Track Practice in Sun City History

It’s time!

The first track practice in Sun City Track and Field history starts tomorrow at Franklin Middle School at 6pm on the track.

If you haven’t signed up yet, please fill out the 2015 Sun City Track and Field Club–Info Packet and bring it to practice with the Waiver-and-release-form-2015.  We are not allowed to have anyone practice unless they have a signed waiver from his/her parents/guardian per USATF rules.  If by some chance you forget the packet, we will have a few more on hand.

For those of you who are high compliance individuals and don’t like change I wanted to blog about what we will be doing on the first day of practice. If you are not a high compliance individual, just show up at least by 6pm and watch what everyone else is doing, if you show up late, just jump on in practice.  If not, read on:

  1. Sun City athletes always start on time. You will hear a whistle promptly at 6pm and the whole team will start by jogging around the track once.
  2. After our warm-up lap we will be doing drills. Drills are imperative in any athlete’s development. This is how we teach muscle-memory on how to run with proper form which lessens the chance for future injury and makes one significantly faster and more efficient. Here is a YouTube clip of a few of the drills we will be doing.
  3. After drills we will split into two groups: sprinters and distance runners.
    1. Coach Erik (me) will take the sprinters. Sprinters are those kids who will focus on any event 400 meters and under. One lap is 400 meters for those who are novices. If you have no idea what group to join, start with the sprinters.
    2. Coach Waddle will take the distance runners. Distance in track is NOT cross-country. Our distance workout tomorrow will consist of 8X400 meter repeats or until we hit 6:55pm with a 2 minute rest in-between each interval. Distances races are 800 meters, 1500 meters and 3000 meters.
  4. At 6:55pm we finish with some quick striders to finish up, then it is team cheer time and a special frozen prize.
Track practice will be at Franklin Middle School track next to Franklin Park at the base of the terraces.

Track practice will be at Franklin Middle School track next to Franklin Park at the base of the terraces.

We will start both the hurdle groups and hopefully high jump on Wednesday’s practice at West Valley High School. Also, know that a child can change groups at any practice. What they do the first day does not mean they will be in that group the rest of the year. My 11-year-old daughter Kara is planning on doing sprints on Mondays, hurdles on Wednesdays, and running distance on Saturday morning (the optional distance workout which will be at Cowiche Canyon but more on that Wednesday).

Last, if you have an athlete who is still sitting on the fence wondering if track and field is right for them, have them show up for one practice (must have the parent at least sign the waiver) and they can decide by Wednesday before turning in their money and full-registration.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.  My wife Aleah will be walking around with the registration papers getting to know the parents.

Go Sun City!

Coaches Erik and Aleah

Call or text me at 941-5191 if you have any questions

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