Sun City’s Postseason and a Preview of What’s Next

Julia qualified for JO Regionals in Portland with a great 80 meter hurdles.

Julia qualified for JO Regionals in Portland with a great 80 meter hurdles.

Welcome to the postseason Sun City Track and Field.

Congratulations on making it to summer!  Everyone should be out of school and into the summer.  Vacations should be planned, and we made it through the main part of track season.  As the head coach, I’m totally biased but think our first season was a huge success.  Several highlights:

  • Kids competed well.
  • They learned new events.
  • They supported their teammates.
  • They were willing to try new events (high jump, hurdles, distance, sprints, shot put, etc.).
Kate was one of the 16 athletes running in the meet.  Here she ran in the 200 meter dash.

Kate was one of the 16 athletes running in the meet. Here she ran in the 200 meter dash.

We have officially transitioned to the postseason. Our first postseason meet was a huge success this last Saturday June 20th in Spokane at Central Valley High School.  It is the Junior Olympic USATF (United States of America Track and Field) Association Finals Meet and all 16 athletes who competed qualified for the Regional Meet the weekend of July 11th and 12th in Portland, Oregon.  We need to know by Wednesday July 3rd at the latest if your child is competing.  Any athlete who finishes in the top three in the Regional meet will move on to the national meet in Jacksonville, Florida.  Coach Aleah and I are planning on holding practices through July 8th since our three daughters are planning on running through the USATF Regional Meet.

For the last three weeks of practice, we will only be doing sprints but we will be overseeing the distance workouts for Henry, Brayden, and Hayden.  We will also have hurdles out for our few hurdlers on Wednesdays who will be running in Portland. Anyone is still welcome to show up but we will really be focusing on the kids getting them ready for competition.

For those looking for other activities this summer:

  1. Yakima Youth Track is having their all-comers track meets the next two Wednesdays at Kumler Field. Cost is $5 per child.
  2. Yakima HC Runners has their annual summer cross-country series at Franklin Park. Each race is only two miles long and the race dates are: June 24, July 8, July 22, August 5 & August 19. Cost is $5 per race and you register at Franklin Park each race day-of in the Rotary Pavilion at 6:30 for a 7pm start.
  3. Already looking ahead to the fall, we plan on the third season of cross-country. Tentative start date will be September 15th. We’ll be practicing Tuesday and Thursdays at both Franklin Park and Kissle Park (Franklin on Tuesdays and Kissle on Thursdays). More about this on future blogs in August!

***An earlier version of this blog had the first date of XC practice on September 22nd.  We plan on starting XC practice three weeks before Sunfair.  Last year it was on October 4th so this date is still somewhat in flux.***

Off and running!

We just heard back this morning from the Yakima School District and will be having our Monday track practice at Franklin Middle School from 6-7pm each week. So our first practice is official and will be April 27th!

As a reminder, our Wednesday practices will be at West Valley High School at the same time (6-7pm).

Next, it was our tentative plan to have our home track meet on May 30th. It only took three parents to remind me that this is the same date as the Junior Gap2Gap. I talked with Joel at the West Valley School District today and he said we can rent the track on Saturday June 6th instead. So the FIRST ANNUAL SUN CITY TRACK AND FIELD MEET will be on the 6th. There is probably going to be a cost for the use of the track but we are planning on opening up this meet to the whole community and can make up the money with the price from non-Sun City entrants and concessions. Parents, grandparents, and more we will be asking you to volunteer at this meet for a few hours either timing, registering, or running concessions.

Our home meet is the same day as the meet on Lake Washington so we will not be going to this meet. We will have an extra meet the weekend of June 13th in Spokane for anyone who wants to compete in one more meet. The Mickelson family will not be going to this meet but wanted to have that as an option for anyone who wanted one more meet.

In Summary:

  1. Practices are ready to roll the week of April 27th (Franklin Middle School and West Valley High School)
  2. First home meet will be at West Valley High School June 6th.
  3. If you haven’t signed up yet, just download the 2015 Sun City Track and Field Club–Info Packet as Waiver-and-release-form-2015and have it in the mail to us no later than Thursday April 23rd. If it is later than that, just bring it to practice and Aleah can sign you up then.

As always, call or text me at 941-5191 if you have any questions. Also cheer on Aleah during the Boston Marathon this Monday!

Coach Erik

Sun City Track Club Information Packet

2015 Sun City Track and Field Club–Info Packet


Above is the printable information packet for our track club.

2015 Sun City Track and Field Club

Welcome to Sun City Track & Field!

First, thank you for taking the time to inquire about our team.  Our team has a two-year tradition in cross-country but 2015 will be our first year in track and field. Our goal is to offer high caliber, exciting, and dynamic training under the guidance of experienced and dedicated volunteer coaches. Our coaching philosophy is to first make track fun, be athlete-focused and goal-oriented.  We welcome youth ages 5-18 with varying levels of fitness. Our goal is to build the athlete’s confidence, work collaboratively with the athlete and parent to get the best performances at the right time while preserving the athlete’s physical and emotional well-being. We respect and understand the unique physical needs of young, growing athletes and will not compromise an athlete’s long term health for short term gains.  We insist that our athletes have Fun, strive for Academic excellence, model Sportsmanship on and off the field, and run with Tenacity at practices and during meets.  My goal is for our athletes to first, have fun! I also hope for them to build lifelong friendships, develop a healthy respect for the sport, model true sportsmanship, and experience success with a team that continues to solidify our place on the national stage of youth track and field.  I look forward to our team continuing to grow while providing a safe, structured, and fun environment for athletes to meet and exceed their performance goals.  The Sun City Track and Field team looks forward to having you join us in 2015!

Coach Erik Mickelson, Head Track and Field Coach

If you have any questions, give me a call or text at 941-5191 Track & Field is a multifaceted sport that allows the athlete to develop skills and compete in various outdoor running, jumping, or throwing events. Against the list of events that we coach (below), athletes will typically specialize and compete in up to three – subject to the limitations and standards of their age group. Track Events 100 meter 200 meter 400 meter 800 meter 1500 meter 3000 meter Hurdles (contingent on getting a coach in 2015) 4×100 meter relay 4×400 meter relay 4×800 meter relay Field Events Shot Put (perhaps in 2016) Javelin (perhaps in 2016) Long Jump High Jump (contingent on getting a coach in 2015 as well as making sure our facility has the equipment)

How to join Sun City Track and Field Club

Come to our parent meeting April 13th at 6pm at the Franklin Park Rotary Pavilion by the Yakima Valley Museum.  If you come to this, you will also get a $10 discount off of your registration.  If you can’t make it to this meeting, just show up at the first practice on April 27th at 6pm and find coach Aleah and give her your registration packet.

The Sun City Track and Field Club will be having its inaugural season starting April 27th in Yakima. Practices will be Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-7pm with three formal meetings.

Who: Anyone ages 6-18 who wants to be active, have fun and learn the sport of track and field

What: Sun City Track and Field Team

Where and When:

Monday practices are still to-be determined but will be either at West Valley High School or Franklin Middle School at 6pm

Wednesday practices will be at West Valley High School at 6pm

Saturday (distance runners only) practice will be at the uplands trailhead at Cowiche Canyon for the distance runners at 9am.

Track Meets:

May—We will have a home meet.  We have not heard back from the school district yet (as of 3-29-15) on what date or track this will be held at yet. This entry fee is covered in your $50 entry fee for the track club. This will also be open to the community (event fee will be $5/event for non-Sun City track and field team members).

June 6th—Cascade Strider Invitational in Bellevue, WA ($6/event entry fee)

June 19th & 20th—Junior Olympic Association Championships in Spokane, WA ( Top eight athletes per event qualify for regionals in Portland the weekend of July 11th.

Coaches and Volunteers

We need coaches and volunteers!

As of the writing of this (March 29th) since we have not had a track season yet, we only have coaches for sprints and distances. I have had preliminary discussions with a jumps and hurdles coach as well.

The purpose of the parent meeting (and why we are offering a $10/discount) is to recruit volunteers/coaches.

Who are we looking for?

  1. We are looking for former college athletes who are experts in their track and field specialties.
  2. We are looking for parents who may not know a lot about the sport but are willing to learn.
  3. We are looking for parents willing to run with our athletes and encourage them at practice.


What events will my child compete in, they have never done track before?

One of the great things about track and field is there is a lot of events.  We strongly encourage kids NOT TO SPECIALIZE in any event early on.  My eldest daughter is planning on doing sprints on Mondays, hurdles on Wednesdays, and distance practice on Saturdays. In my ten years of youth track, I competed in sprints, distances, long jump, hurdles and even the discus!

We are all about kids learning and experiencing the sport of track and field!







Athlete’s Name: ________________________________________________________________


Date of Birth: ___________________________                   Female / Male (Circle One)


School Attends: _________________________                    Grade: ________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________________


Primary Phone Number: ____________________    Email: ______________________________


Parent/Guardian Names: _________________________________________________________


Alternate phone/email contacts _____________________________________________


Emergency Contact: _____________________________    Phone: _______________________


Previous Running Experience: _____________________________________________________


Are you Available to Assist as a Parent Volunteer? ­­­­­­_____________________________________

All parent volunteers receive a free team shirt


Goals for the Season (Select one or more):

This helps us develop an appropriate training program for your child


Have fun! _________  Increase fitness ________ Compete at Local Track Meet __________


Place Top-8 at Local Races _______  Compete at Junior Olympics Meets  __________


Other ___________________________




Return team registration forms to:

Sun City Harriers

C/O Aleah Mickelson

320 Stanley Blvd.

Yakima, WA 98902







Team Fees:                  $50.00 per child* (Team T-Shirt Included)                             $_________

* Take off $10.00 if you come to the parent meeting April 13th



Please Note: Race fees and USATF Membership Fees (required for Inland NW XC and Region XIII XC Meets) are not included in the team membership fee.



Shirt Size (circle):   YS    YM     YL     S     M     L     XL






Team Merchandise:   $15.00 per extra shirt (adult sizes available)                         $_________


$35.00 sport sweatshirt with logo                                          $_________


$5.00 name on back of sweatshirt                                         $_________


$30.00 warm-up pants with logo                                            $_________



Clothing Size (circle):   YS    YM     YL     S     M     L     XL



MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO “SUN CITY HARRIERS”                           TOTAL:            $__________

  • Team fees include competition singlet, entry into home track meet and Junior Olympic Association Track meet.
  • Extra charges are for a USATF card if you do not previously have one from cross-country season if you plan on competition in the Junior Olympic Meets.
  • Scholarship are available, contact Aleah if you have questions about this.


How to join Sun City Track and Field Club

Come to our parent meeting April 13th at 6pm at the Franklin Park Rotary Pavilion by the Yakima Valley Museum. If you come to this, you will also get a $10 discount off of your registration. If you can’t make it to this meeting, just show up at the first practice on April 27th or any other practice at 6pm and find coach Aleah and give her your registration packet.

Cost for 2015 is $50/child and will include facility rental, track singlet, and entry into our home track meet, USATF association final track meet

***We must have a signed waiver to allow any children to practice.  This is both USATF and school district policy.


Registration Page and Welcome Letter

Dear Sun City Harriers,

Welcome to our second season of cross country! We are excited to launch this upcoming season on Tuesday, September 9th at 4 pm. Practices will be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4 pm to 5 pm. Most races (which are optional) are held on Saturdays, beginning with our team Time Trial on Saturday, September 20th. Please refer to our Fall Race Schedule for more info on upcoming races.

This year we are moving our practice location and home cross-country course to Franklin Park, located between Tieton Drive and Chestnut Ave. on the south and north; and South 17th and 23rd Ave. on the east and west. Kissel was a great park, but its flat course limited our ability to train on hills. Franklin Park offers a more diverse course and will help us become stronger and fitter runners.

This fall we also will host our very first cross-country meet to go along with the other two local meets we are scheduled to run: the Sunfair Invitational and Apple Ridge Invitational.  There will also be a few other races for team members and families willing to travel to Western Washington and other areas in the Northwest.

One last note: We strongly urge all parents (regardless of experience) to consider volunteering as a Parent Coach. You may choose to run with your child, time intervals, manage workouts, lead game time, or otherwise assist in team practices and meets. All parent volunteers with receive a free Team T-Shirt/Sweatshirt. Please let me know whether you are interested in helping.

In the following pages you will find our 2014 Registration Form, Team Fees, Release Forms, and Team Schedule. The program cost for athletes registering before 9/8/2014 is $25 (which includes a team shirt); on or after 9/9/14 the cost is $30 per child (including shirt). This year we also have optional team warmup gear available for purchase.

Feel free to call us at (509) 833-5951 (Erik) or (509) 833-5952 (Aleah) if you have any questions. See you September 9th!

Coaches Erik and Aleah Mickelson

2014 Registration Form Sun City Harriers

Waiver and release form 2014

2014 Meet Schedule for Sun City Harriers


How To Join

Training at The Sun City Hariers

The easiest way to join is to show up at practice. We have a signed release the parent or guardian needs to sign as well as a concussion form.

Because you do not know if your child will like running the first two practices are free.  Granted we play games at the end of each practice and have popsicles because running is about having fun, not as a punishment as in other sports.

So if you are unsure, stop by, try us out, and we think you’ll stay.