First Practice and Parent Meeting Handout

Great seeing everyone for the first practice of the season!  Here is the handout from the parent meeting if you missed it:

SUN CITY HARRIERS 2016—Parent Meeting

Welcome to the 2016 Sun City Harriers Cross-Country Team.  What is on this handout is all information that is also on our website In terms of communication, we are most active on FaceBook (Sun City Harriers), second we post to our website, and third you may always grab a coach before/after practice or call Erik at 509-941-5191 or Aleah at 509-833-5952.  Have a great season!

Meet Schedule

September 24th (Sun City Home Meet at Franklin Park, I accidentally put the 23rd on the brochure). Meet is on Saturday.

October 1st (Sunfair Invitational at Franklin Park)

October 8th (Travel meet to Cascade Striders in Bellevue at Wilburton Park, 12400 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98005), there is also a two local road-race that weekend (Saturday at Sarge Hubbard Park & Sunday in East Valley if you do not want to travel to Bellevue for the meet).

October 15th (Apple Ridge Invite), I had the date wrong on the brochure. I had the 22nd listed and it is the 15th. This is also the last day of the regular season.

Post-Season Schedule

November 12th (Once again I got the dates messed up, I accidentally put Sunday on the brochure), this meet will be in Spokane at Mead High School.  Usually all participants qualify from this meet to Regionals.

November 19th – Region 13 Championship Meet in Portland Oregon

December 10th – National Championship Meet in Hoover, Alabama.  Must place in top 30 at regional meet in Portland to qualify.

Practice Times

Monday: 5:15-6:30 at Franklin Park (2101 Tieton Dr, Yakima, WA 98902; meet by the Rotary Pavilion)

Wednesday: 5:15-6:30 at Kissel Park (3000 W Mead Ave, Yakima, WA 98902; meet by the big toy)

Friday: 5:15-6:30 at Franklin Park (Full-Season only athletes)

* Warmup starts for group 1 and full season members at 5:15, the other half is at 5:30. Check out the page on groups for full explanation.

* Friday practice this year replaces last year’s Saturday practice and is geared for kids training for the post-season.

If your child is five and under, they can run in group 3 but a parent/guardian must run with them and oversee them at all practices. These parents love doing this by the way!

Regular Season, Full Season, and Extended Season: What’s the difference?

Regular Season: Sept. 12- Oct. 12th: 5:30pm – 6:30pm on Mondays & Wednesdays only; $40, t-shirt, all local meets, and popsicles!

Extended Season: Sept. 12-November 20th: 5:15pm – 6:30pm; Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays; $70, t-shirt, all meets (local, statewide, and post-season), and popscicles!

Post-Season: $40, Oct. 16th-November 20th, same time as other practices (remember daylight savings). Three practices a week, shirt, and all post-season meets. We say the season ends on November 20th. There will be a handful of athletes who decide to go to nationals in Alabama but this is the exception, not the expectation. The last meet for the post-season is November 20th for everyone.

Those running in the post-season must have a valid USATF card which are good from last track season or cross-country season for previous athletes. For new athletes, they run about $30.

If you are interested in being a coach, contact coach Erik. We need ten coaches for the ideal coach/athlete ratio.

$10 discount for each additional child (i.e. first child is $40, 2nd is $30, 3rd is $30, etc.

Training Groups

How do practices work and what group does my child fit in?

We have always had different groups of Harriers at practice.  This year, we have three distinct groups:

Group 3–Coach Aleah and Tracy’s group strive to learn the basics of running XC, build fitness, have fun, and play a few games. These kids wouldn’t mind running in a meet but only if there is a special prize like a ribbon or ice cream afterwards. Most kids range in age from 4-9. If your child is five or under, parent must practice with the child. (Only practices Monday & Wednesday)

Group 2–Coach Erik helps these harriers start to think about being serious about running but still never forgets about the game and popsicle at the end of practice. Age range for this group is 6-12.

Group 1–Former University of Oregon XC Duck, Coach Casey helps these harriers develop speed and endurance to run fast and compete well. This group is designed for runners interested in competing in USATF local and regional meets and maybe even the national meet. This group meets the full-season and practices Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

*Kids can always change groups at anytime, first practice we usually split kids up via age and then move them around based on how they are doing.  We try to push them but not discourage them in terms of groups that they are running in.

Practice Times

Monday: 5:15-6:30 at Franklin Park (2101 Tieton Dr, Yakima, WA 98902; meet by the Rotary Pavilion)

Wednesday: 5:15-6:30 at Kissel Park (3000 W Mead Ave, Yakima, WA 98902; meet by the big toy)

Friday: 5:15-6:30 at Franklin Park (Full-Season only athletes)

* Warmup starts for group 1 and full season members at 5:15, the other half is at 5:30. Check out the page on groups for full explanation.

* Friday practice this year replaces last year’s Saturday practice and is geared for kids training for the post-season.

If your child is five and under, they can run in group 3 but a parent/guardian must run with them and oversee them at all practices. These parents love doing this by the way!

Apple Ridge Invite Schedule and Post-Season Information

Last practice of the regular season was yesterday at Kissle Park.  We had a great game of Capture the Flag.  Girls beat the boys 4-3!  Meet is tomorrow at Apple Ridge and the post-season starts Tuesday at Franklin Park at 5pm with a 100% chance of hills.

Last practice of the regular season was yesterday at Kissle Park. We had a great game of Capture the Flag. Girls beat the boys 4-3! Meet is tomorrow at Apple Ridge and the post-season starts Tuesday at Franklin Park at 5pm with a 100% chance of hills.

Last race of the regular season is tomorrow Harriers!

Here are the main details if you didn’t get the handout from yesterday’s practice:

Eighth Annual Apple Ridge Youth Cross Country Invitational

Date: Saturday, October 17, 2015

Venue: Apple Ridge Run:

Teams: Nob Hill Elementary, Sun City Harriers, Wenas Valley Running Club


Warmup is 30 minutes before each race

11::00 A.M. – 2nd grade and under boys

11:20 A.M. – 2nd Grade and Under girls

11:40 A.M. – 3rd-6th Grade boys

Noon – 3rd-6th Grade girls

12:30 – Awards

*medals for top 3 in each race; ribbons for other 9 finishers rounding out the tip ten; prize for other finishers

* team traveling trophy for 3-6th girls and 3-6th boys

I’ve had a whole lot of people ask about the postseason now that they are excited about cross-country. I would put everyone in one of three catagories:

  1. Great season, can’t wait until next year.
  2. Perhaps we will do the postseason.
  3. We’ve already signed up!

I would like to address those in group #2. We are not looking for those who are the fastest. As my wife Aleah said so well yesterday, “We are looking for “self-starters” who at this point in the season just want to run”. If this is your child and BOTH parent and child has the energy to keep moving on we would encourage you to sign up. If not, hopefully we will see you next track or cross country season.

What will the post-season look like in terms of practices and races? Essentially it will look just like the middle three weeks of the season with groups one and two but we will lengthen out the distance a hair. Unlike the regular season where the race distance is one mile, during the USATF Junior Olympics the 8&Unders race 2k (1.24 miles), 9-12 3k (1.8 miles), 13-14 4k (2.4 miles). We will be doing slightly longer workouts. The practices will still be an hour, but instead of covering about two miles a practice we will run 3-4 miles (combination of warm-up, hills, repeats, tempo, etc.) depending on the individual. The last two years I didn’t do a very good job coaching because most of our runners hit the wall about a half-mile before the race was over, so we will be compensating this year.

The cost for the post-season is $20 for current Harrier athletes and $35 for non-Harriers (so it still is not too late to join for friends, the $35 price includes a shirt).

Aleah and I have already bought our plane and Air B&B tickets for Junior Olympic Nationals in New Mexico the second weekend in December. Our youngest is in the 8 & Under division which is the easiest division to qualify for nationals (top 30 qualify for nationals and there are usually 35-40 athletes in the race) if any families were thinking, we will be making the trip. If not, the two big dates for the Harriers are Association Finals November 14th and Regionals on the 21st on November (which would be the end of your season for families not planning on going to New Mexico).

If you have further questions, grab myself or Aleah at the meet tomorrow or give me a call at 941-5191.

Go Harriers!

What to expect at the Junior Olympics Regional Championship

Here is the official update on the track meet for this next weekend for our athletes traveling to Portland:


–  Packet pick-up (competitor numbers) will be available ­­­­­___730am 7/9 – 7/12_______ Jesuit High School. Packet pick-up will be located __West Side of the finish line__________________. Please check with your head coach first to claim your competitor number.

*Steeplechase and Hammer Competitors Packets and Bib Numbers will be at Pacific University for you on Friday, July 10th beginning at 1:00PM

– Competitor numbers must be worn on the front and be used both days of the competition (pole vaulters may wear on back).  Replacement numbers are available at packet pick-up for $5. (We will give the athlete a new number, but hand write on the back their old number. The old number is what needs to show.)

– If 8 or less runners show for semi-final events they will be run as finals at the semi-final time.

– After the scheduled start of the 100m prelims & finals, events may run up to 1 hour early.

– Athletes need to have their implements checked in before competing.  The implement inspection desk will ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Next to timing tent on west side of finish line (for Jesuit). At registration gate (Pacific University.)

– Only steel-tipped javelins allowed.

– Privately-owned javelins do not lose identity and cannot be used without the owner’s consent. All other privately-owned implements do lose their identity and become part of a community pool during the competition.

– For throws and horizontal jumps, there will be three attempts in the prelims, three attempts in the finals.  Finals directly follow the preliminary rounds.

– ____The infield in front of clerking tent__ will be the designated warm-up area for runners and jumpers. Warm-ups for the throws will be conducted by the event judges at the respective venues.

– Hurdlers may practice on the infield (both Sat and Sun).  Hurdles will be set up for your use.  Coaches may not be on the track or infield with their athletes while they’re warming up.

– Only athletes, meet officials and meet workers are allowed in the competition area.  No coaches.  No parents.  

– At first call, proceed to the clerking tent (athletes who arrive after final call may be scratched from the event). Since the meet may run up to 1 hour early, please listen for first call rather the referring to the written schedule.

– if you have simultaneous events (field & running) you must check-in with both events by the time you hear third and final call.  Tell the official you have another event at the same time.  Do NOT leave the competition area without first checking out with the official.  When you return, you need to check in with the official. It is the responsibility of the athlete to check in/out of each event.

– Please check in at the respective field events at the start time.  Field events will not be running open pits.

– It is the responsibility of the athletes/coaches/parents to be familiar with the check-out rule for the field events. Please carefully read the Rule 301(q) on page 157 of the 2015 Competition Rules book.

– Relay uniforms: all participants shall wear a top of the same color and shorts of the same color.

– Starting blocks are required for ages 15-18 in events 400m and shorter.

– No competitor shall receive assistance in setting starting blocks except from an individual designated by the starter.” (Rule 161.6)

– Electronic devices not approved by the Games Committee shall not be used by any individual in the area of competition or designated warm-up area.  Of primary concern is anything that impedes your ability to hear:  cell phones, I-Pods and the like.  This rule includes ANYONE in the competition and warm-up areas…athletes, coaches, parents, officials, meet workers, siblings.

– For the prelims of 100m and 200m, lane assignments will be random draw.

– Runners will advance to finals in the 100m and 200m as per USATF Rule 303(h) for an 8-lane track: 1-8 athletes – run as finals at semi-final time; 9-16 athletes – 3 + next 2 best times; 17-24 athletes – 2 + next 2 best times; 25-32 athletes – 1 + next 4 best times; 33-40 athletes –  1 + next 3 best times; 41-48  athletes –  1 + next 2 best times .

– For the finals of the 100m and 200m, lane assignments will be three draw:  center 4 lanes with the 4 fastest times randomly assigned; the next outer lanes are for fifth and sixth; the outside lanes are seventh and eighth. .

– For races 400m and longer, heats will be run slowest to fastest.

– If you question the outcome of your event, notify your coach who will then take it up with the meet referee. Protests must be filed with the meet referee at once and not later than 30 minutes after the announcement/posting of the result of that event (USATF Rule 146). There will be forms avail to fill out and the cost will be $50.

Once results have been posted for 30 minutes, and uncontested, awards will be made available.

Top 5 places in individual event, Top 2 for multi’s (and 3rd for anyone that meets usatf minimum qualifying standards) qualify for JO National Championships, July 27-Aug 2 at Hodges Stadium, University of North Florida, in Jacksonville, FL.


Sportsmanship Guidelines for Coaches, Parents, Athletes and Others

Coaches and parents are tremendous assets to our youth athletes in track and field/cross country and our Associations (Oregon, Inland Northwest and Pacific Northwest) are extremely grateful for your cooperation, support and loyalty.  We expect athletes to hold themselves to high standards of sportsmanship as outlined in the USATF Competition Rule Book and expect parents, coaches and others will themselves serve as role models for our youth athletes by exhibiting high standards of sportsmanship as well.  We must never lose sight of the fact that the participants in youth athletics are only “youngsters.”

Officials and meet management personnel are here to help make this a positive experience for everyone, especially the athletes.  Please treat them accordingly.  The following guidelines should be adhered to at all times by athletes, coaches, parents and others: 1) Knowing and understanding the rules of track and field. 2)  Showing respect for officials and their decisions. 3) Showing respect for opponents at all times. 4) Recognizing and appreciating the varying skill levels of all athletes participating. 5) Maintaining self-control at all times. 6) Showing a positive attitude when cheering.

Sanctions may be considered toward parents, coaches, athletes and/or teams that do not adhere to these policies.

~ USATF Oregon, Inland Northwest and Pacific Northwest Youth Committees                                                                  

Apple Ridge Race (Big day Saturday)

Dear Sun City Harriers,

I am excited for tomorrow’s Apple Ridge Run Invite. Our team is getting fit and fast, and I expect some big PR’s. Please arrive on time tomorrow morning. It will take several minutes to walk from the parking area to the race start area where our team will meet and warm up together.

Here’s a couple suggestions to make sure your harrier runs his/her best tomorrow: Get plenty of sleep tonight. Eat a light breakfast at least 2 hours before the race. (A mix of carbs and protein is good; nothing too fatty or heavy.) Stay hydrated with water and eat a small snack between breakfast and race time if needed. Double-tie your shoelaces. And finally, bring your cowbell and ring it loudly!

Here is the race schedule:
10:15 – Team arrives at Apple Ridge Run
11:00 – 2nd Grade and Under Boys Race (1.0 miles)
11:20 – 2nd Grade and Under Girls (1.0 miles)

11:40 – 3rd-6th Grade Boys (1.0 miles)

12:00 – 3rd-6th Grade Girls (1.0 miles)

12:20 – 12:30 – Awards (top 10 in each race get ribbons and team winner of 3rd-6th grade races get a traveling trophy)
Directions to Apple Ridge Run on Naches Heights:

  1. From HWY 12 West (heading towards Naches), take the 40th Avenue Exit into Yakima.
  2. Stay on 40th Ave. for about 1.5 miles and take a right on Summitview.
  3. Continue west on Summitview for almost 10 miles (towards Cowiche).
  4. While on Summitview, you’ll eventually head down a steep grade into the Cowiche Valley (before you get to the city of Cowiche). At the bottom of the grade on the right is a log cabin called the Summitview Cowiche Veterinary Clinic. Take the right just past the clinic on Weikel Road.
  5. Stay on Weikel for nearly a mile and turn right on Zimmerman Road.
  6. After a mile up Zimmerman, turn left on Naches Heights Road.
  7. Stay on Naches Heights Road for a ½ mile and turn left onto Wherry Road (there’s a big red sign there to welcome you).
  8. After a ¼ mile down Wherry Road, you’ll see the course and signs for parking.


Team practice will continue into the month of November. You do not have to compete in the upcoming Junior Olympics meets to continue practicing. If you do plan to compete in the Junior Olympics meets, make sure to join USATF the first week of November. Maps, course information, registration link and all other meet information is now available online at

Finally, be watching for more information on an end-of-season team party. The date and place are TBD, but will most likely be scheduled for mid-November.

Good Luck and Go Harriers!
Aleah and Erik Mickelson

P.S. If you have any questions, please email Aleah (ALEAH at MSN dot com) or call us at (509) 833-5952.

Time Trial Results 2014 – Franklin Park

The harriers competed well last Saturday.  I’m sorry it took awhile to compile the results.  A few kids accidentally ran a shorter distance, cutting off the last portion of the course.  There were a couple blank cards, too.  These times and places are a close approximation. If you happen to know you finished before or behind someone on the list, or have your accurate time, we can add edit the data accordingly. Also remember that a group of older runners ran 1.5 miles and they started five seconds late. Saturday September 20th at 11:15am 80 degrees, no wind and warm

1.0 Nathan Stephenson 7:10
2.0 Ty Dauer 7:21
3.0 Aiden Waddle 7:35
4.0 Nathan Johnson 7:44
5.0 Zachary Wagner 7:55
6.0 Ben Wagner 8:02
7.0 No name 8:02
8.0 Bryce 8:12
9.0 Lucy Sawyer 8:36
10.0 Gwen 8:44
11.0 Paul Lally 8:47
12.0 Mary Mickelson 8:50
13.0 Lorenzo Alvarado 8:51
14.0 Kate Mickelson 8:56
15.0 Liam 9:00
16.0 Joy Lally 9:02
17.0 Haiden Drury 9:04
18.0 Mack Stephenson 9:05
19.0 Brent Johnson 9:07
20.0 Jacob LaMay 9:10
21.0 Dannika Goethel 9:23
22.0 Kiara 9:40
23.0 Freya White 10:22
24.0 June 10:28
25.0 Sean Mefford 10:33
26.0 Jackson Powell 10:38
27.0 Henry Robbins 10:45
28.0 Lane Dauer 11:09
29.0 Julia Johnson 11:23
30.0 Ava Alvarado 11:33
31.0 Lizette 11:51
32.0 Laurel Heesemann 11:58
33.0 Brena Baker 12:04
34.0 Claire Branch 12:06
35.0 Tyrell Waddle 12:08
36.0 Riley Christenson 12:42
37.0 Cadence Day 12:54
38.0 Kara Mickelson 13:06
39.0 Emma Welch 13:16
40.0 Anna Wilkinson 13:27
41.0 Leah Knudson 13:29
42.0 Jaxon Beck 13:48
43.0 Brandon Shaw 13:56
44.0 Mitchell Moos 15:09
45.0 Amy Poehner 15:20
46.0 James Branch 15:22
47.0 Shephard Lally 15:33
48.0 Kennedy Day 15:40
49.0 Bailey Christenson 15:56
50.0 Austin Watten 16:20
51.0 Kennedy Day 17:52
52.0 Angelina Woodall 18:38
53.0 Lydia Woodall 18:39

Updated Race Schedule

There has been a few minor changes but this is the current race schedule as of today for the rest of the season:





DATE                            MEET                 LOCATION                  TIME


Saturday, September 20                   Team Time Trial                  Franklin Park                                        11 am

Yakima, WA

1 mile 1st – 6th Grade

1.5 miles 7th Grade and above

Saturday, September 27                   Sun City Harrier Invite       Franklin Park                                        9 am

Yakima, WA

1 mile 1st – 6th Grade

1.5 miles 7th – 8th Grade

Saturday, October 4                          Sunfair Invitational             Franklin Park                                        8:45 am

Yakima, WA

1 mile 1st – 6th Grade

1.5 miles 7th-8th Grade

2.0 miles 9th Grade

3.0 miles 10th -12th Grade

Saturday, October 11                        Richland Invitational          Carmichael Middle School                10:10 am

Richland, WA

0.5 miles K – 5th Grade


Saturday, October 25                       Apple Ridge Invite              Apple Ridge XC Course                     TBD

Cowiche, WA

1.0 miles


Saturday, November 15                    Inland NW                            Mead High School                              TBD

Regional Qualifier               Spokane, WA


Saturday, November 22                    Regional XC Champs         Woodland Park                                    TBD

Region XIII                           Seattle, WA


Saturday, December 13                    2014 XC Nationals              Myrtle Beach                                       TBD

Time Trial Information

Dear Sun City Harriers,

We had a great first week of cross-country practice! I love everyone’s positive attitude and hard work!

Team shirts will arrive this week – probably Thursday. We’ll distribute the shirts after practice, so make sure you’ve turned in your registration form and team fee.

Our team time trial is scheduled for this Saturday (September 20th) at 11 am at Franklin Park. Sixth grade and under will run a 1-mile course; Seventh grade and above will run 1.5 miles. The time trial will serve several purposes. Think of it as a “practice race.” We will follow our typical pre-race routine with a warm-up, stretching, drills and strides. After the warm-up, the team will run a timed mile or 1.5 mile course.

I want to encourage everyone to participate in the time trial for several reasons: 1) It will help decrease pre-race “jitters” for upcoming races; 2) It will give you a good indication of your current fitness level; 3) It will help us set appropriate goals for upcoming races; and 4) You’ll get to preview the course for both our upcoming Sun City Harriers Youth XC Invite (September 27th) and the Sunfair Invite (October 4th).

For the time trial, meet at our regular spot near the playground at Franklin Park. Wear your team t-shirt and bring a water bottle. Eat a small snack about 1-2 hours before the time trial.

It is time to start thinking about our upcoming Sun City Harriers Youth XC Invite and Sunfair Invite. We’ll need lots of parent help with this meet, especially at the finish line and along the course to ensure runners are staying on course. I’ll have a sign-up sheet at practice where you can sign up to help. Our youth invite is open to all ages of runners, including preschool-aged children.   As for the Sunfair Invite, I’ll need to know by this Thursday whether you plan to participate. Sunfair is available to our elementary, middle school, and high school runners. (Sorry, no Pre-K at Sunfair.) I will assume you plan to participate in Sunfair unless I hear otherwise.

As always, please feel free to give us a call at (509) 833-5951 (Erik) or (509) 833-5952 (Aleah) if you have any questions. You can also email me at aleahmickelson(at) or talk to us before or after practice.

Go Harriers!

Aleah Mickelson