Post-season Schedule

Here is the updated 2017 track meet schedule for meets:

May 27th: Home Meet at Eisenhower High School
June 3rd-4th: Portland Track Festival (also Gap2Gap weekend)
June 10th: Extreme Speed Twilight Track Meet in Kent or Inland Northwest JO Meet in Pasco
June 17th: JO Finals in Spokane
July 8th: JO Regionals in Spokane
July 29th: JO Nationals in Kansas

2017 Track Season Information

2017 Summer Track Season

Welcome to the 2017 Track Season! Coach Casey and I really enjoyed our pre-season crowd but are even more excited about starting the official season.

Regular Season

Regular track season will be from April 24th- May 27th. This is what we are gearing up for EVERYONE. This season we will be able to offer both sprints, distances, throws, and long jump. Practices will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6-7pm at Franklin Middle School.  Mondays will be the only day sprints, long jump and throws (shot put and turbo-javelin) will be offered since we are short coaches in these events. The first week we will have our sprint/throws/jump day will be Friday and then move to Mondays. Wednesday and Friday will be a distance only practice.  The cost for the regular season will be $50 with a $10 discount for each child in the family down to $20. We will have a home meet this year on May 20th or 27th at one of the local schools and this will finish up the regular season.  A Sun City t-shirt will be included in the registration fee.

The end-of-regular-season track meet will probably take place May 27th at Zephel Stadium at Eisenhower High School.  I say tentatively because we are still waiting to hear back from the Yakima School District.  If this date is not available it will be May 20th or 27th at West Valley High School.


Post-season for track will run from June-July 9th.  There are a number of track meets we will be attending this year which will be:

  1. Portland Track Festival June 3rd-4th (very limited number of people going to this meet since it is the same day as the Gap2Gap)
  2. Xtreem Speed Meet at Kent Meridian High School on June 10th
  3. Junior Olympic Association Finals in Tri Cities June 24th
  4. Junior Olympic Regionals in Spokane July 8th-10th (different events are on different dates depending on the athlete, most kids only compete one or two days)
  5. Junior Olympic Nations is in Lawrence Kansas this year July 27th-30th (the Mickelson family will be going to this as long as one of our kids qualifies for it since our kids are at the top of their age groups this year)


Cost—The cost for the post-season is $50 per athlete.  If you do not have a black Sun City tank-top racing singlet you MUST purchase one to run in the post-season as USATF rules requires we be in uniform.  These singlets run $30/each.  We are not sure how many coaches we will have for the post-season.  We will for sure have distance coaches and be able to coach sprints one day a week. After this, it will depend on turnout, volunteers, and participation.

We apologize we had to raise the price of track this year but the cost of buying implements and renting the track increased significantly. If you or anyone you knows needs a scholarship please talk to coach Aleah and she will give you an application for a waiver.

We will be placing our t-shirt and singlet order on May 8th so this is the due date to order singlets and register if you would like to receive a t-shirt.


For new families who have not been part of Sun City in the past, we are a very Facebook heavy group of coaches and parents.  The best place to post your questions is on Facebook so everyone can see your questions and our answers.  You can always IM (instant message) me (Erik) or even call or text my cell (941-5191).  Looking forward to a great 2017 track season.  We will start posting every week or so going forward getting ready for the season.

Coaches Erik, Casey, Aimee and Aleah

Coach Casey Campbell comes to us from running youth track and field from the Federal Way Track Club as a youth.  He also boasts the fastest college mile on the team and competed collegiately for the University of Oregon in both cross-country and track.

Coaches Aleah and Erik Mickelson both won state titles while running in high school in both track (for Erik) and cross-country for Aleah (maiden name Thome who ran for Eisenhower). They met on the cross-country team at the University of Washington in 1997.

Coach Aimee Lybbert was a high school state champion in Vancouver Washington before competing collegiately at Brigham Young University (BYU).

Here you see some Sun City Athletes warming up at a recent pre-season practice at Franklin Park

Preseason is here for 2017 Sun City Track and Field Team

Congratulations on making it to the weekend Sun City Harriers and their parents. The snow is quickly melting almost as fast as our Harriers. In a little more than two weeks our pre-season fitness program is starting at Franklin Park. Coach Casey has written a month’s worth of workouts, I’ve seen them and they are fantastic for any sprinters, distance runners, or throwers who need some core strength and explosiveness!

Here is the rundown on preseason:

1. Do I need to pre-register? Nope. Just show up for practice the first day but you may not leave your child UNTIL you sign a waiver and pay ($40 for the month of 5 weeks with a discount of $10 for each child if you have multiple kids in your family. If you have a family of four, the fourth child is only $10.)

2. What age group can do the pre-season? Ages 9-14 unless your child has previously run in a Junior Olympic race. This is because we are starting mid-stream and a child must either be more mature or had a full season of running with the Harriers.

3. Who is this geared toward? Athletes who want to eventually run in the Junior Olympic series in the post-season.

4. What is a typical day of the preseason going to look like? There will be lots of drills to help us with our muscle memory, basic aerobic fitness, core work to strengthen our backs and core, and some good stretching.

5. Will it be fun? Running is always fun especially when we come together as a team, throw in some popsicles afterwards, and some fun games like the “Shuttle Relays.”

6. What is the role of parents? They can either drop their child off to run errands (as long as their kids don’t run off in the wrong direction), they can walk around the park and exercise while we coach, or they can work out with the rest of the team (strongly encouraged to get in better shape themselves).

7. How long is the pre-season? Five weeks from February 27th to March 29th before we take a month off before the regular season.

8. What is between the pre-season and regular season? The coaches will be hosting Saturday runs in Cowiche Canyon and writing suggestive workouts, posting them on Facebook.

First practice is February 27th at 5pm at Franklin Park. We will meet at the pavilion next to the big toy. As always, call or text me at 941-5191, IM me on Facebook, or post questions to this thread if you have any.

Coach Erik

Yakima announced as host city for Inland Northwest Cross Country Junior Olympic Association Finals in 2017 & 2018

We have some very exciting news to share. Two months ago, Sun City put in a bid to host the 2017 and 2018 Junior Olympic Cross Country Meets. It was announced last night at the Inland Northwest meeting that the meets will be in Yakima for the next two years!

What does this mean? Logistically, Sun City athletes don’t have to drive to Spokane or Tri-Cities for the next two Association meets in 2017 and 2018. It also means that the Region 13 Regional Meet in 2018 will be at our home course and there will be 500+ runners from Washington, Oregon and Idaho will descend on Yakima and Franklin Park as they try to qualify for Junior Olympic Nationals. It will be a great time to showcase our city and course to the rest of the region the next two years.

Updated 2016 Schedule for XC (Minor Changes)

I got a few dates wrong (not by much, just accidentally put a few meets on Fridays and Sundays when they are almost always on Saturdays).  As of today here is the schedule:

September 24th (Sun City Home Meet, I accidentally put the 23rd on the brochure). Meet is on Saturday.

October 1st (Sunfair Invitational)

October 8th (Travel meet to Cascade Striders in Bellevue at Wilburton Park, 12400 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98005), there is also a local road-race that day one may run if you do not want to travel to Bellevue for the meet.

October 15th (Apple Ridge Invite), I had the date wrong on the brochure. I had the 22nd listed and it is the 15th. This is also the last day of the regular season.

The first four regular season meets have been confirmed. The Junior Olympic Meets have not been confirmed but should be:

November 12th (Once again I got the dates messed up, I accidentally put Sunday on the brochure), this meet will be in Spokane or Pasco.

November 19th (This date has not been confirmed but usually falls the Saturday before Thanksgiving), this meet will be in Oregon.

Looking forward to the season!


This is our tentative schedule for the 2016 cross-country season:

  • September 23rd–Sun City Home Meet at Franklin Park
  • October 1st–Sunfair Invitational at Franklin Park
  • October 8th–Travel meet to Bellevue’s Wilburturn Hill Park for the Cascade Strider Cross-Country Meet (12400 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98005)
  • October 22nd–Apple Ridge Invite (last race of regular season)* in Cowiche
  • November 13th–USATF Junior Olympic Association Finals. We would like to field a full team in each age group at this meet. (Either Pasco or Spokane) This is the first race of the post-season. Athletes cannot miss any meets from here on out if he/she would like their season to continue.
  • November 20th–Junior Olympic Regionals in Oregon (top 25 individuals and top 5 teams advance to nationals in Alabama)
  • December 10th–Junior Olympic Nationals in Hoover, Alabama
  • *These two meets have not finalized their dates at the time of this brochure production.