Entries for Junior Olympic Finals in Spokane

Here is who is running for Sun City in this Saturday’s meet at Central Valley High School in Spokane (821 S. Sullivan, 99037), here is the official link, which will start promptly with the hurdles at 10am, long jump for Allison starts at 9am:

  1. Kate Mickelson (8U F)                            200m, 400m
  2. Courtney Jacobs (8U F)                         100m, long jump
  3. Kian Compton (8U M)                            200m, 400m, long jump
  4. Jackson Powell (8U M)                          100m, 200m
  5. Mary Mickelson (9-10 F)                       200m, 400m
  6. Mya Johnson (9-10 F)                             100m, 200m, long jump
  7. Brooklyn Sylve (9-10 F)                          100m, 200m, long jump
  8. Landon Drury (9-10 M)                          100m, 200m, shot put
  9. Allison Jacobs (11-12 F)                          100m, long jump
  10. Julia Johnson (11-12 F)                           80m hurdles, 100m
  11. Ashlynn Sylve (11-12 F)                         100m, 200m, 400m
  12. Kara Mickelson (11-12 F)                       200m, 400m
  13. Henry Robbins (11-12 M)                      80m hurdles, 800m, 1500m
  14. Brayden Packard (13-14 M)                 100m hurdles, 1500m
  15. Haiden Drury (13-14 M)                         800m, 1500m
  16. Jadinn Sylve (13-14 M)                           Shot put

A few notes about the meet, we didn’t have enough for any relay teams unfortunately.  It is a rolling start just like our home meet.  What this means is you need to listen to the starter, once an event is over the next event starts. DO NOT LEAVE THE TRACK for long extended periods of time unless you know there are a lot of events in-between.  If you do leave and have another event, make sure you have a buddy who is keeping you in the loop via sms on how fast the meet is progressing.

I have heard there is no shade at the track, I will be going down to Costco tomorrow to see if I can buy a sun shade for the team but even then this will only be for the athletes and not the parents.

Some families are going over the night before.  The Mickelsons are heading over that morning to save a little money.  We are leaving Yakima at 5am if that gives you a general idea of time but we don’t have any kids in the hurdles or relays and our daughters are in the 400 meters which is the third event.  MapQuest says it should be a 3 hr, 32 minute drive from Yakima but we like our Starbucks and there will be a stop or two in there.

If you have any questions about the meet give me a call or text at 941-5191.

Cheers, Coach Erik

Field Event Schedule for Junior Olympic Finals Meet in Spokane 2015

Field Event Schedule for Junior Olympic Finals Meet in Spokane 2015

June 20th Schedule for Junior Olympic Finals in Spokane

June 20th Schedule for Junior Olympic Finals in Spokane

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