What event should my child practice in when track and field practice starts?

We don't have a jump coach yet but would love to offer high jump as well as hurdles and the long jump this track and field season

We don’t have a jump coach yet but would love to offer high jump as well as hurdles and the long jump this track and field season

T-minus one week until the parent meeting next Monday at the Franklin Park Rotary Pavilion at 6pm and three weeks until our first practice. You might be wondering, “What event will my child compete in track and field?”

Unlike cross-country where everyone runs the same distance, in track there are sprinters (100, 200 and 400 meters), middle-distances (800 and 1500 meters) and long distance (3000 meters).  There are also hurdles and field events (high jump, long and triple jump, shot put, etc.).

At our first practice we will split into two main groups: sprinters and long distance runners. On Wednesdays it is our plan to also add the hurdles to this mix.  Every practice, your child will get the option of trying out a different group to practice with.

For the first month of track season, we will strongly be encouraging all kids to practice with a different group.  This will give them a well-rounded track and field experience.

Update on Monday’s track practice facility

We’ve been working all angles trying to get a track for the Sun City Track and Field Team.  Our first choice for Monday’s is/was Eisenhower High School (they still have not said no but we’ve been stuck at no-answer for going on four months, my contact is Shirley Pectel and she has told me our request is waiting on the facilities team with five other requestors).  Unfortunately we have been passed around like a hot potato since December of last year when I made my first enquiry.  We also requested Selah High School’s track but this is out of commission because of construction.  We have pending requests to West Valley High School and Franklin Middle School’s track. So of the three requests we have, we will get one.  Our preferences are 1st Eisenhower, 2nd West Valley High School, and 3rd Franklin Middle School.

I have also been working with a member of the school board and we have a teacher at Eisenhower trying to work the teacher angle.  So stay tuned, we will have a Monday track practice, we just don’t know the location yet.  Good news is Wednesday’s date is set: West Valley High School from 6-7pm.

As soon as we find out, we’ll keep you posted.

Coach Erik

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