Welcome to fall Harriers

The leaves are beginning to change, which in our family means cross country is just around the corner. This is the first week the registrations have begun coming in the mail.  I have had a lot of phone calls and text messages about costs and registration so I will go over that again.

We have both a regular season and a post-season in cross-country.  Anyone can do one or both.  If you register BEFORE September 8th, there is $5 discount on the five-week regular season.  So if you think ahead and get this to us, it will be $30.  If you wait until September 9th, the price rises to $35 for the regular season.  We order our jerseys in bulk and save quite a bit of money which is why we can offer this discount.  This years jerseys will be fitted tank tops just like track season.

If you choose the full season, it will extend to the post-season and you get a $10 discount if you register by September 8th so it is $50 instead of $60. This also includes the jerseys as well as the registration fees for USATF meets.  When we run in the post-season, our team has to pay to register each athlete. Likewise, we also have a post-season only route which we have had several people enquire about because we have several people running with their local middle school team and once that season is over they will be joining us to run in the Junior Olympics.

Here are the forms we will need to have before your child can practice: Waiver-and-release-form-2015 & Registration Form 2015 Cross Country Sun City Harriers .  The brochure for the season is: 2015 Cross Country Brochure .

We still need one more volunteer coaches to help with groups two.  We have head coaches in these groups but if you have the time, we would love to have someone commit to this.  If you can’t commit to two days a week, perhaps you do one day a week and team-commit with another parent.

Last week one of the highlights was when a parent who knows very little about running volunteered to help.  This is perfect!  Remember, youth don’t expect coaches to be perfect, they want us to be available for encouragement and guidance. 

We will be mailing out to everyone on last year’s list some brochures. If you already registered, please give these out to a “future” Harrier you think might be a good fit with our team.

T-minus 1.5 weeks until our first practice at Franklin park September 15th at 5pm.

Keep on running!

Coach Erik

PS I’ve had a lot of phone calls.  If you have questions, feel free to call or text at 941-5191 and I’ll try and get back to you.  You can also drop by the brochures off at our house in our mailbox if you are by Franklin Park and want to save a stamp.  Last, if you are chronic procrastinator and haven’t mailed in your registration yet, please send me a message on Facebook so I can add your child to the t-shirt order we are placing on Wednesday.

Cross country season starts in less than two weeks Tuesday September 15th at 5pm at Franklin Park.

Cross country season starts in less than two weeks Tuesday September 15th at 5pm at Franklin Park.

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