First Practice of the Season

First, I want to congratulate all the harriers on the first workout of the season. Second, a huge “thank you” to all the parent volunteers! The team had a great time.

Remember to hydrate before and after each workout.

A few thoughts on tonight’s practice:

  1. The team looked great doing drills. Drills are the backbone of running. Think of drills like aligning the tires on your car.  Once you learn to run right, running is easier AND you naturally run faster. Better yet, you’ll have fewer injuries.
  2. The first practice is always an adventure. What group do you go to? Where do we run? Who is our coach? How long do we run? By the second or third practice everyone will have a better idea of our practice routine. Hang in there!
  3. It’s all about having fun.  Sorry we lost a little track of time and everyone did not get to play in all the games.  We also forgot the team cheer. Next time!  We saw a lot of smiles and everyone did a great job running.

There is a reason we call it practice because it is a work in progress.

See you Thursday!

Coaches Erik and Aleah

Sun City Harriers doing drills the first day of practice

Sun City Harriers doing drills the first day of practice

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