Preseason is here for 2017 Sun City Track and Field Team

Congratulations on making it to the weekend Sun City Harriers and their parents. The snow is quickly melting almost as fast as our Harriers. In a little more than two weeks our pre-season fitness program is starting at Franklin Park. Coach Casey has written a month’s worth of workouts, I’ve seen them and they are fantastic for any sprinters, distance runners, or throwers who need some core strength and explosiveness!

Here is the rundown on preseason:

1. Do I need to pre-register? Nope. Just show up for practice the first day but you may not leave your child UNTIL you sign a waiver and pay ($40 for the month of 5 weeks with a discount of $10 for each child if you have multiple kids in your family. If you have a family of four, the fourth child is only $10.)

2. What age group can do the pre-season? Ages 9-14 unless your child has previously run in a Junior Olympic race. This is because we are starting mid-stream and a child must either be more mature or had a full season of running with the Harriers.

3. Who is this geared toward? Athletes who want to eventually run in the Junior Olympic series in the post-season.

4. What is a typical day of the preseason going to look like? There will be lots of drills to help us with our muscle memory, basic aerobic fitness, core work to strengthen our backs and core, and some good stretching.

5. Will it be fun? Running is always fun especially when we come together as a team, throw in some popsicles afterwards, and some fun games like the “Shuttle Relays.”

6. What is the role of parents? They can either drop their child off to run errands (as long as their kids don’t run off in the wrong direction), they can walk around the park and exercise while we coach, or they can work out with the rest of the team (strongly encouraged to get in better shape themselves).

7. How long is the pre-season? Five weeks from February 27th to March 29th before we take a month off before the regular season.

8. What is between the pre-season and regular season? The coaches will be hosting Saturday runs in Cowiche Canyon and writing suggestive workouts, posting them on Facebook.

First practice is February 27th at 5pm at Franklin Park. We will meet at the pavilion next to the big toy. As always, call or text me at 941-5191, IM me on Facebook, or post questions to this thread if you have any.

Coach Erik

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