So what is the first practice going to look like next week?

One week from today we will have just finished the first cross-country practice of the 2016 season at Franklin Park. What is practice going to look like?

Those who have ever run track or cross-country with Sun City before know we are prone to start on time. Literally.  When the iPhone hits 5:30, the whistle blows and the kids are off on their five-minute warm-up. If you are late, no worries. The kids can run across the park and join the group wherever they are at in their jog.

This year, coach Casey will be doing an earlier warm-up for those that want a longer warm-up and this will start at 5:15pm so you will hear two whistles (one at 5:15 and one at 5:30).  This first whistle is geared toward the kids who want to run a little more or already know they are working toward the Junior Olympic Post-Season.  If you are unsure, don’t worry about this, you can hop in at another practice. Kian, Kate, Kara, etc. this first whistle is for you. 😉

After we finish our five-minute warm-up in the Western side of Franklin Park we move into the stretching and drill portion of our practice at 5:35.  Drills are a key component of the Sun City Harriers. What we do during drills is practice running properly using our arms, knees, etc.  Everyone knows how to run but very few people naturally have beautiful form.  We finish drills with strides and sprints.

At 5:50 we split up into three groups.  Group 1 is for our fastest kids (usually 10-14 years of age) with previous running experience. Group 2 is coached by myself for most kids except for the young ones. Group 3 is coached by coach Aleah and Tracy primarily for kids 8 and under. Kids are allowed at any time to change groups and coaches will frequently suggest kids jump from one group to the next from day to day. Coaches will spend the first two weeks creating groups.

At 6:20, our workout finishes, and at this time we finish all our Monday and Wednesday practices with a game (Sharks and Minnows, Steal the Bacon, Capture the Flag, etc.). For those that want a little more, they can skip the game and Coach Casey closes with some sprints.

At 6:30 we close our workout with a team cheer and Pospcisles.

Parents, please run and walk as much or as little of the warm-up, drills, and workout as you would like.  Some kids like you to be in their groups while others not so much (then us coaches would love to have you join another group!) If you have a child that is five-and-under you do need to accompany them at practice them then entire workout every day.  What else? Bathrooms are on the opposite side of the track so they are a trek from where we are practicing. Make sure your young Harrier brings a water bottle as we will have several water breaks.

It’s going to be a great season. See you next week!

Coach Erik

If you don’t have it yet, here is the link to the registration form: Registration-Form-2016-XC