Get Fit & Have Fun!

handsWe have fully recovered, school is almost out and we are ready for the 2014 cross-country season.  Yes, Yakima is the fourth most obese city in the United States but it wont stay that way if the Sun City Harriers have anything to do about it.  Before last season, our eight-year old daughter could only run a quarter-mile.  By the end of the season, she was up to over two miles without stopping.

About The Sun City Harriers

Running coach Erik Meckelson

You might say the beginning of the Sun City Harriers started back in 1984.  This is when I started running for the Cascade Strider cross-country team in Bellevue.  My wife Aleah ran for the old West Valley Ramblers starting in the late 80’s for their track team.

Aleah and I met on the cross-country team at the University of Washington in the fall of 1997. You could easily say cross-country is in our blood.

We love the sport of running and are hoping to pass on the joy and passion to you and your family.