Updated 2016 Schedule for XC (Minor Changes)

I got a few dates wrong (not by much, just accidentally put a few meets on Fridays and Sundays when they are almost always on Saturdays).  As of today here is the schedule:

September 24th (Sun City Home Meet, I accidentally put the 23rd on the brochure). Meet is on Saturday.

October 1st (Sunfair Invitational)

October 8th (Travel meet to Cascade Striders in Bellevue at Wilburton Park, 12400 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98005), there is also a local road-race that day one may run if you do not want to travel to Bellevue for the meet.

October 15th (Apple Ridge Invite), I had the date wrong on the brochure. I had the 22nd listed and it is the 15th. This is also the last day of the regular season.

The first four regular season meets have been confirmed. The Junior Olympic Meets have not been confirmed but should be:

November 12th (Once again I got the dates messed up, I accidentally put Sunday on the brochure), this meet will be in Spokane or Pasco.

November 19th (This date has not been confirmed but usually falls the Saturday before Thanksgiving), this meet will be in Oregon.

Looking forward to the season!

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