This Week’s Workouts

The season is quickly coming to an end.

We are also going to have one last practice of the season tomorrow at 6pm on Franklin Track for those going to Regionals.  I know it will be hot but it will be a very mild workout focusing on some speed and starts with lots of breaks.  If you are worried about the heat (the workout is at the bottom of the blog and you can do it at another time this week preferably in the morning).

We will cancel Wednesday’s practice due to the continued heat-wave but I have some alternate workouts and activities. At the bottom of this blog I will post some workouts if you would like to do this on your own (in the morning) which is what the kids and I have been doing and will continue to do at Franklin Track every/other day until Junior Olympic Regionals this next weekend.

This next week since we will not have practice, there is the summer XC series at Franklin Park (start time 7pm for distance runners).  There were eight Sun City runners last week (not that I was counting) and even several parents!

Of the 16 people who qualified for Portland, we are going to need to know by tonight who is running so please email Aleah or instant-message me on FaceBook (most of you have already done this).

Last, cross-country planning is under way so start telling your friends.  First practice will be September 15th which will be a Tuesday at Franklin Park.

Here is next week’s workout with typical warm-ups:

  1. Warm-up jog of 1-4 laps depending on your child’s fitness
  2. Stretch (hit all the major categories: hamstrings, quads, and calves especially)
  3. Drills
    1. Lunges
    2. A-skips (high-knees with a minor skip)
    3. Fast arms-straight legs (make sure you stand on your ball of your feet when you do this)
    4. B-skips (high-knees but you whip it down like a horse plowing the ground)
    5. Butt-kicks
    6. Finish with 2-4 build-up strides
  4. Sprint Workout for the last week before regionals
    1. After warm-up and drills: 5 minutes of hills, 4-8 X practice starts, 4X100 meters all out, 1X200 meters all-out.
  5. Distance Workout #1
    1. After warm-up and drills: Reverse ladder (600-400-300-200-100). Effort should be all-out. Recovery should be 3 minutes of rest in-between each interval.

These two workouts are designed to get the athlete to “peak” and be fresh for their race this weekend.  We’ve already done all of the hard work this year so now it is just a little-fine-tuning.

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