2023 Season starts Monday September 11th!

Running fun for the whole family

Youth track and cross-country in the Yakima Valley

  • Fun

    First and foremost, this is what we are about

  • Learning how to run

    Learning how to run and race

  • Developing national caliber runners

    Only after having fun and learning to run, developing national caliber runners

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    Sun City Coaches have decades of XC experience. We help instill the fun of running and teach the fundamentals from beginners to national qualifiers. 

  • Mondays


    Starting Monday, September 12th, we practice from 5:30-6:30pm at Franklin Park. Meet by the Rotary Pavilion for a warmup. 

  • Community


    You will quickly realize there is something different about cross-country, it is the community where kids and families are encouraged. It is fun to be part of a group centered around improvement, being healthy and active. 

  • Practice at Kissel Park


    We are at Kissle Park (same time) for our Wednesday workout.  A great contained park that is soft to run on and especially workouts!

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    It is all about fun. Kids who have fun running, are also fast at running typically so this is our main focus. It wouldn't be a Sun City practice without games and popsicles at the end!

  • Races 1


    Typically we have one race a week either on Friday's or Saturday's. Most are local but we always have a few travel meets for families looking for an adventure. 

Getting started is easy

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    Fill out the registration form

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    Show up at practice

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    Experience the fun and joy of the Sun City community


We know there are a ton of different sports and activities you could put your child in. What sport allows you to either workout WITH your athlete, just WATCH, or KNOW that at all times we are investing in the long-term health.

Entering our tenth year for cross-country, we look back on hundreds of families that have been encouraged by Sun City. Just trust us, give it a shot.

Still not convinced? Register and try it out for a week.  We'll offer a full refund if the Sun City community is not for you by September 17th.

Cross-Country Practice

5:30-6:30pm Mondays at Franklin Park (Meet at Rotary Pavilion), Wednesdays at Emil Kissel Park

5:30-6:30pm Mondays at Franklin Park (Meet at Rotary Pavilion), Wednesdays at Emil Kissel Park

Five key things you need to know about running

Start down the road to life-long health through running!